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June 2019

What Should I Do with My Life

December 2018

Always Do What Emotionally Seems Most Difficult

October 2018

But Rather for Living a Passionate Life

August 2018

It Makes Me Feel I’m Being

Dive Deep & Stay Connected

Silence is Happiness

July 2018

Become the Author of Your Life (Right Now)

January 2018

Dreams & Nightmares (2 Conditional Activity)

Some(thing), Any(thing), No(thing). The Difference

December 2017

Battlefruits Game (on Some(thing), Any(thing), No(thing))

November 2017

Why You Should Be Flexible About Homework

October 2017

Linguistic Minimalism. Renouncing Your Fancy Language

The Most Powerful Source of Your Motivation – Today I’m gonna be talking about how to feel constantly motivated, where you can draw the most of your inspiration from when learning a language or doing any other goal-directed activity.

Enjoy the Journey While Learning – If you wanna results to come faster… Slow down and enjoy the process

September 2017

Progress in a Language Learning. Setting the Right Expectations – an article about how our expectations affect our results

Why Boredom is the Key to Happiness – How to reconcile yourself to boredom and benefit from it

The Books We Read. How to Make the Most of them – How to really benefit from reading and listening to books and other knowledge-containing materials

March 2017

Mixed Feelings Day – A comedy sketch + mixed verbs exercise

Jogging in Russia – A short comedy routine about what it’s like to go jogging in Russia.

Tea or Coffee Challenge – A comedy story about the difficulty in making choices.

February 2017

How to Reach Excellence in CAE. Reading & Use of English – This is the last part of the series of articles on CAE (new 2015 format). The part which is all about Reading and Use of English. Perhaps the hardest paper in the exam (Or maybe the easiest one for some of you).

January 2017

A Letter to Santa Claus – A comedy routine

How to Develop Fluency in Speaking – In this article you are going to learn how to overcome the most serious obstacle which is robbing you of fluent speaking.

Flexibility – A poem about a grounded attitude to life

How to master your Listening – A self-help guide to sharpening up your Listening skill.

December 2016

How to Reach Excellence in CAE. Listening – This is another edition of the series of the articles on CAE (New 2015 format). And here we are going to have a look at the Listening paper.

November 2016

How to Reach Excellence in CAE. Writing – The second part of the series of articles, in which I’m sharing my experience and impressions of CAE (New 2015 format). And here we are going to have a look at the writing paper.

October 2016

How to Reach Excellence in CAE. Speaking – In this series of articles, I’m going to share my experience and impressions of CAE (New 2015 format)

March 2016

Present Friend – A poem about mindfulness.

Stay Happy Anyway  A poem about a positive attitude to life.

February 2016

Present Simple Poem – Poem which will help beginners easily memorize
where they should/shouldn’t put “S”, time markers and how to form questions, negative statements and negative questions.